Child Based Areas


Citylimits is housed in two buildings, Small House and Big House. We have experienced staff in each area, low ratios and an emphasis on child centred learning ensures parents expectations and individual child needs can be addressed. All children have a current portfolio of learning stories which reflect developmental changes and centre activities.


The Toddlers Group (Babies 2 years)

  • All babies get an opportunity to play, explore and experiment with a wide range of equipment and resources suitable for their own age and stage.
  • Babies needs are individually met for food and bottles, sleep, play, or transitioning to toddlers.
  • Baby’s health needs are very specific and parents are called if there is any change in baby health during the day.
  • Babies have their own outdoor play space and weather dependant staff like to give them opportunities to make sense of the natural world.
  • As babies begin to walk they are given more sophisticated opportunities to explore and develop appropriate toddler related skills.


Preschool (18 months to 3 years)

  • All children follow a programme suitable for their age and ability. Play is recognised as valuable and meaningful learning and children’s interests and strengths are acknowledged and extended.
  • Toddler’s day has a rhythm of play, mat time to introduce stories, music, food,sleep and opportunities for free play and directed activities.
  • Toddlers get time to experience a wide range of art and craft, manipulative toys,and freedom to run and explore the outdoor environment.
  • A big playground with a variety of equipment allow staff to cater for different needs, sand and water, climbing and swinging, ball skills and freedom of choice.

Preschool (3 years to 5 years)

  • All children are encouraged to develop literacy and numeracy skills, to assist with a successful transition to school. They are encouraged to develop an increasing sense of independence and social skills. The programme is quite structured in terms of learning.
  • The environment provides unique opportunities for individual interests as well as group play, child initiated educational focus and fun.
  • The outdoor area has free play areas, sandpit and swings as well as a vegetable garden, areas to sit, and an adjacent water play area.
  • At meal times children have tables set with glasses to drink from, crockery and appropriate cutlery.


High Quality Care & Education. A Safe, Stimulating Learning Environment.