Information & Policies


Enrolment Information

If you would like your child to attend Citylimits Childcare please call or visit to complete an Enrolment Form.

We are required to hold detailed information for each child which is linked to the National Education database (National Student Numbers – NSN).

We must know whether a child/children are immunised (or not) and if so hold a current copy of immunisation to date. We must hold a copy of the Birth Certificate or Passport for every child.

Every child is eligible to attend an Early Childhood facility in New Zealand regardless of the parent’s residency/status.

We are subsidised by the Ministry of Education. We charge comparable fees to other similar ECE facilities in the city.

Although there is government rhetoric about “Free” ECE for three & four year old children; this funding is capped at $95 per week above the two year old funding level. With the wages of qualified staff at market rates most centres expect to charge a fee for care in addition to government subsidies.

If you have any questions about other enrolment details please discuss with the Centre Manager.


We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and water at each meal and as required.

We follow the Heart Foundation guidelines for suitable food for pre-schoolers ensuring they have a wide range of meat, fruit and vegetables. Our cook prepares fresh vegetable mash daily for the younger children and a full cooked dinner for the older children. We observe a ‘low sugar policy’ in the interest of the children’s health and nutrition.

We will make provision for special dietary needs if required e.g. vegetarian, religious considerations, allergies. Parents are asked to provide Formula for their babies as each child needs its own blend.

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Each child has its own cot or bed for sleep time.

We endeavour to use the same routine as the family and will offer the dummy, cuddly blanket or toy if required for a child to settle to sleep happily.

Music plays softly in the sleep rooms to sooth children. Several staff stay with children until they are asleep.

Under twos generally sleep twice per day. Older children sleep after lunch for about two hours.

A record is kept of sleep times and children are monitored at all times.

Family Communication

Connections with the child’s family are seen as an integral part of Citylimits. Staff is available to parents at the beginning of the day to take instructions, and at the end of the day to inform parents about their child’s day.

We hold several parent focus events each year. Social events play a vital role in communication. Grandparents Morning Tea, Father’s Night and a Christmas Party are looked forward to by families and staff. Preschool often hold information presentations at the end of a topic too.

Staff are available to discuss their child’s development at any time. Parents can also make an appointment with senior staff or management if they have specific concerns regarding their child.

Staff members prepare portfolios for each child, containing photos, observations and reflections and plan their programme around the children’s ongoing development. Parents are able to take their child’s portfolio home as required to share updates with other family members.


The majority of our staff holds or is in training towards a Degree or Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

They are all trained in CPR and First Aid.

We have a commitment to ongoing Professional Development for all staff.

Police checks are carried out on all staff in line with current education policy.

Our ratio of teachers to children complies with and often exceeds government regulations.

We work within the “Quality Care” ratio which is 1 teacher to every 4 children under 2 years old and 1 teacher to every 8 children over 2 years old.

Staff members prepare portfolios for each child, containing photos, observations and reflections and plan their programme around the children’s ongoing development.

General Health

Health: Ministry of Health (MOH) & Ministry of Education (MOE) regulations are very specific about health issues.

Immunisation: Childcare centres must be able to advise the above Government departments about whether or not children are immunised.

Illness: The centre cannot provide for children with contagious illnesses and maintains strict adherence to this policy. Diarrhoea, vomiting & head lice are contagious and children must be kept away from the centre for at least 24 hours after they are fully well again.

Medication: A medications register is kept for both houses. We ask that parents fill in the details each day as required. For children who suffer from Asthma, inhalers can have a Permanent Record Use attached to the Medicines Sign In sheet and be left in the centre for on-going asthma management purposes.

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Accident Reports: All incidents are recorded in a carbon copy book and parents are given a copy to keep.

Staff discusses injuries with parents when children are collected. If a child needs to see a Doctor, we phone parents immediately.

Nappies: Citylimits supplies nappies for our infants and toddlers. There is no additional cost for these.

The Centre follows the guidelines outlined in the ‘Infectious Diseases’ poster published by the Ministry of Health.

The Supervisor may require a medical certificate before a child who has had an infectious disease or illness is allowed back into the Centre.

If staff feel that a child is genuinely unwell and not coping with being in the centre, the parent/caregiver may be asked to come and collect their child.

Any person (staff or child) suffering from an infectious illness or disease will be required to stay away from the Centre as per the sickness policy until they have recovered full health.


High Quality Care & Education. A Safe, Stimulating Learning Environment.