Our Vision is to lead and affirm our children, whanau and team, fostering a radiant community with a strong focus on exploring, risk taking, respecting, creating, life-long learning and the natural world.

Relationships – Nga Hononga

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Relationships form the basis for everything we do.  Our learning spaces and curriculum promote an atmosphere of trust, warmth and respect through reciprocal connections, open communication and a relationship with the natural world.  Kaiako sustains supportive connections with children, whanau and colleagues through sharing and valuing collective knowledge; building a culture of enquire, dialogue and reflection.

Empowerment – Whakamana

Enhancing the mana of our children and whanau is fundamental.

Our high-quality, innovative curriculum strives to recognised, respect and enhances the mana and capabilities of all children. The cultural diversity of our children and whanau is respected and valued and visible in our curriculum, stories and events. Children are encouraged to be kaitiaki (guardians) of the natural world and recognised as life-long learners who can make a difference to others and to our environment.

Family and Community – Whanau Tangata

We are committed to being a community.

We thrive with the integral support of our community and we honour the rich cultural identities of all whanau and use this as a basis for our curriculum experiences.  Our curriculum is informed by our commitment to the partnership inherent in Tiriti o Waitangi and enhance by TeAo Maori, tikanga Maori and te reo Maori in our daily practices.

Holistic Development – Kotahitanga

We know and appreciate that we learn in different ways.

We understand that all children and adults learn in different ways and that all four dimensions: Whatumanawa–emotional, Tinana-physical, Hinengaro–cognitive, Wairua–spiritual, need to be considered in our learning environment and in our interactions with children. Children’s learning and development is enhanced through the provision of open-ended resources, natural materials, space, and an all-weather curriculum. Routines and rituals are seen as opportunities to demonstrate the importance of relationships and respect.


High Quality Care & Education. A Safe, Stimulating Learning Environment.